Equilabrium was established to provide the European market with the latest technologies in the field of electrochemistry. Equilabrium represents 2 major manufacturers of electrochemistry equipment:


Pine Research instrumentation: the world leader in rotating disk (RDE), ring-disk (RRDE), and cylinder electrode (RCE) instrumentation. Their line of compact voltammetry cells, features screen-printed patterned electrodes and provides a quick and easy way to perform routine electrochemical measurements.


Scribner Associates: the leading developer of high-quality instrumentation and software for the electrochemical research and development (R&D) community. Their line of products include fuel cells, batteries, corrosion, sensor and sensor arrays, electrode arrays and many other custom products developed with partners.


Equilabrium's products range from research based electrochemistry to industry standard analysis and are found in many different fields of application to include:

Power System Development (batteries, fuel cells, supercapacitors, photovoltaics) Corrosion Analysis & Prevention (rotating cylinder electrochemistry, corrosion inhibitor testing) Hydrodynamic Electrochemistry (electrocatalyst screening, rotating disk and ring-disk electrochemistry, electroplating).