We offer several products that are used for Corrosion applications.  The Proteus Cell series, sometimes called a flat cell, feature cells with versatile designs to suit the needs of the flat sample corrosion testing scientist.  The Proetus Cells can also be easily adapted for use as a photoelectrochemical cell as well.  We also offer Complete 15 mm and 12 mm RCE Kits, commonly used for screening corrosion inhibitors.  Commonly referred to in ASTM standards G31, G170, and G185, the 1 L cell complete with accessories is often used with Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) measurements.

Fuel Cell

The model 850e Multi-Range Fuel Cell Test System is a complete test station for operation and measurement of PEM/DMFC fuel cells. The 850e combines a computer-controlled instrument (multiple current-range programmable electronic load, fuel and temperature controls, and data acquisition functions) with fuel handling hardware in an integrated bench-top unit. The 850e uses the proven 890e as the basis for the electronic load design. The 850e may be used with a single-cell or small stack, a host computer, and reactant and purge gas supplies.


Single Chamber Cell: Ideal for measuring photocurrent of large area photoanodes.

Dual Chamber Cell:  Ideal for separating photoelectrochemically products using a membrane.

And other versatile cell series for photoelectrochemistry use.

Redox Flow cell

Integrated Turn-Key Test System for Redox Flow Cell Research and Development.


Our integrated UV/Vis spectroelectrochemical system allows you to control the potentiostat and spectrometer from a single program to ensure proper timing integration, seamless operation, and ease of use. Our AfterMath software now interfaces to the Avantes fiber-optic based AvaSpec ULS2048 UV/Vis spectrometer and Avantes AvaLight Deuteurium/Halogen light source, enabling time resolved spectroelectrochemistry experiments.


Advanced 8 Channel Battery Cycler:

  • Each channel is an independent potentiostat/galvanostat

  • 6 current ranges from 50 μA to 5 A

  • Gang Channels up to 20 A

  • 5 or 6 terminal measurement

  • Control modes: current, voltage, power

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