Pine Research offers single-channel potentiostats and bipotentiostat systems. Benchtop and portable instruments are available, as well as a special neuroelectrochemical potentiostat for use with Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry.

Reference, Conter, Working, Rotating and Screen-Printed Electrodes.

Elecrochemical Cells Including Low Volume, Alkaline Resistant, Corrosion and Quartz.

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Pine Research rotators include rotating disk (RDE), rotating ring-disk (RRDE) and rotating cylinder (RCE) electrodes

EChem in a Box contains everything you need to integrate a variety of experimental electrochemistry topics into your curriculum.  Never before has a more straightforward and cost effective bundle of products been commercially available to make electrochemistry accessible to even non-electrochemically experienced educators.

The Neuroelectrochemical Instrumentation and Accessories from Pine Research were designed for the scientist who seeks to study the link between the brain chemistry of electroactive species, physiology  and behavior.

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